Is there a workaround for defect #3411?

I installed the only version of Java available to me on my locked-down work laptop, and it happens to be Java 8, release 162, which has the bug referenced above.

While I wait for them to go through the certification process to release a more recent Java version…

Is there anything I can do (a config or command-line (maven-plugin) option or something) that would allow Gatling (2.2.4) to start up in spite of that bug?

I’m just exploring all my options! :slight_smile:

Issue is flagged as fixed in 2.3.1.
Can’t you just upgrade, at least to the 2.3 generation? This generation is no longer supported but at least it would fix your problem.

Apparently, the whole organization is on 2.2.4, and I’m not sure what we can do to update.

As a work-around, I installed Java 8 release 222 to my home directory and set JAVA_HOME. Problem solved. :\