Java 17 - 3.7.3 - Redirected request.

Hello Stephan,

I have the following questions.

  1. Not able to execute the following code due to the Any alternative way to capture the text?
  1. We’ll release 3.7.4 with the fix next week.

  2. get is untyped while getString returns a String. If you concatenate with another String, you get the same result.

  3. Don’t touch this. Attributes starting with “gatling.” are internals. If you want to handle cookies, use the helpers:

  4. Those are implementation details (just like Threads should have been for LoadRunner and JMeter, but they made them leak into the concepts their users have to handle). As a user, those shouldn’t be a concern for you. Forget about Actors too, Gatling seldomly uses them internally. Virtual users in Gatling are not Actors.

Thank you Stephane for your answers.