java out of memory error


I am new to gatling. I am running tests which are time and again unsuccessful because of the outofmemoryerror.
Tried increasing the memory but it seems to be a memory leak.
Scala version : 2.12.8

Are there any other options I could try to fix this?

Thank you!


Adding the gatling version.
Gatling version - 3.3.1
Scala version : 2.12.8

The typical reason for an OOME is that your system under load has stopped responding so incoming virtual users pile up in memory.

Thank you , Stephane… how should we fix this , is this something to be worth notifying the dev team to dig in code?

Well, yes, you should notify the devs.
And you should have some monitoring on your system under load where you should check what happens during the load tests and verify what I suspect.