JMS not incrementing done messages but is consuming

I have the default JMS RequestReply scenario [1] working using a simple camel route [4]. But i want my camel route [3] to read off the inbound queue, do some business logic and push onto the outbound, which in theory is like the RequestReply (i.e.: push onto one queue, reply via another).

When i look at the scenario output [2], i can see a single message pushed on, and a single read off, but the “done” count never increases, thus it just waits forever.

What am i doing wrong? as gatling is consuming the messages, but not incrementing that it has consumed…

[1] Scenario:
[2] Output:

[3] Camel route from one queue to another:
[4] Camel route using ReplyTo:

This is on gatling v2.1.6

Just fixed this by adding the following to my camel route:


Maybe you might want to change how messages are matched: