JMS Send crashing with DetailedMessageFormat Exception


I was using 3.5.0 for my test with JMS and it was working fine as expected. Recently I migrated to gatling version 3.7.3 and I am getting below error. Getting the same error with version 3.7.4.

[ERROR] i.g.j.a.Send - ‘jmsSend-16’ crashed with 'c.i.m.c.j.DetailedMessageFormatException: JMSCC0068: The property ‘JMS_IBM_Encoding’ must be set using a value of type ‘class java.lang.Integer’, or a type convertible to this type as per the JMS Specification. Cannot convert from given type ‘class scala.concurrent.duration.FiniteDuration’. ', forwarding to the next one

Any configuration needs to be modified specific to this?

Any suggestions to resolve this issue will greatly help.

Thanks and Regards,
Sakthivel Raja V

That’s a known issue:

As a workaround, you can use:

.property(“JMS_IBM_Encoding”, session => YOUR_INTEGER_VALUE)

Above happens when setting the property of jms using .property("",""). Getting the Detailed Message format exception when there is an Integer value in property value.

To overcome this issue, I have converted integer to string in the jms property value.

Is this is an issue as I can see similar issue not observed in earlier version of gatling (i.e., 3.5.0) and is it related to the change ?