Json feeder: how to pass a key value(json value) from json file to a function which expects a string argument?


This is my json file
      "client_id": "",
      "login_id": "",
      "password": "",
      "r_scopes": [
      "rw_scopes": [

I want to pass the sample2 key value i.e. {"code":"qa"} to a function

def funct(body: String)
I tried like
def funct("""${sample2}""") 1st try
def funct("${sample2}") 2nd try

Another concern is that when i feed this json file and access sample2, the value i get is
i.e. the double quotes are removed and colon is replaced with = symbol.

Can anyone help me :frowning:
How to pass the exact value to a function as string?