Json Parser Failed

I am running a load test which hits 6000 requests/sec.Facing the below error for few requests

jsonPath($.customerLoginResponseMessage.message).find.is(SUCCESS) preparation crashed: Jodd failed to parse into a valid AST: j.j.JsonException: Syntax error! End of JSON offset: 1 near: "

Any suggestions when do we get this error and resolution for this…

It’s likely that your JSON response payload is malformed.

It is happening only for few responses.Is there anything to figure out why it is happening only for for few responses.

The requests may be failing, and returning some kind of error, which is why the check is failing. If you have overloaded the server, that can happen. To find out if that is the case, capture the response and in a post-request step, inspect it and if it does not contain what you expect, dump it to STDOUT. Then, while the test is running, you can look for those failed checks and see why it was failing.