less verbose logging?


Apologies because I’m sure this is more of a scala n00b question than a Gatling-specific question. If so, if anyone could even just give me a few keywords to google for, I’m happy to RTFM. I just can’t (so far) seem to find the FM.

When I run my sims I get a ton of useful logging output, and then a ton of not-as-useful stuff like DEBUG c.n.h.c.p.n.NettyAsyncHttpProvider.

I notice that log4j is a transitive dep of the project; is this as simple as adding a log4j.properties to my classpath and configuring that stuff out of it? Or is there a more scala-y way to approach this?


In the conf/ folder, there is a logback.xml file.

Does yours look like this one ? https://github.com/excilys/gatling/blob/master/gatling-bundle/src/main/assembly/assembly-structure/conf/logback.xml
If not, could you try commenting the loggers at the DEBUG level ?


Ah. I’m using gatling as a dependency (so, calling into the jar from my own code). I presume I can just put an override version of logback.xml somewhere? Just need to find out where. Thanks, I’ll poke around and see if I can find that.

Got it working by adding a logback.xml to my classpath, with the contents that you pointed me at. Much better. Thank you, Nicolas!

Glad to here that.


I am trying to achieve lesser verbose logging as well as last time I ran my performance test for 8hrs, jenkins ran into memory issues and job had to be killed. I can no longer access “https://github.com/excilys/gatling/blob/master/gatling-bundle/src/main/assembly/assembly-structure/conf/logback.xml” file, Can you please post the contents of this file directly here for reference?

I tried by completly commenting out the contents of logback.xml file but that did not help and I still see details being added to simulation.log. I am looking for a logging config just enough to view the final statistics while hiding the details of every single request made during test runs. Any suggestions?



How could logging (that usually goes on the console or a file) possibly be related to a memory issue?
Your problem is probably related to the reports generation. You then have to increase the heap size.

Note that we’ve released Gatling 1.5.4, that ships a fix for properly overriding JVM args on the gatling-maven-plugin.