Logging stops on multiple simulation invocations

Hello! In our company’s technical business processes we have a need to filter simulations which are present in classpath by different custom attributes (annotations with specific values or concrete simulation names in sbt run args, for example).
So, I wrote a code, which scans a classpath, searching for subclasses of io.gatling.core.scenario.Simulation, and then filters it with a predicate, making a subset of simulations of interest.
Okay, now I need any means to launch these simulations one by one, so I wrote another piece of code:

def runMultipleSimulations(): Unit = {
    .filter(simulation => {
      val doesCurrentSimulationInArgs = args.contains(simulation.getCanonicalName)
      logger.debug(s"Simulation ${simulation.getCanonicalName} is in args? $doesCurrentSimulationInArgs")

def launchSimulation(simulation: Class[Simulation]): Unit = {
  val props = new GatlingPropertiesBuilder
  println(s"##teamcity[testStarted name='${simulation.getSimpleName}']")
  Gatling.fromMap(props.build) match {
    case 0 => println(s"##teamcity[message text='Simulation is successful' status='NORMAL']")
    case 1 => println(s"##teamcity[testIgnored name='${simulation.getSimpleName}' message='Simulation has been ignored because of invalid parameters']")
    case 2 => println(s"##teamcity[testFailed name='${simulation.getSimpleName}' message='Simulation has been failed by assertion']")
  println(s"##teamcity[testFinished name='${simulation.getSimpleName}']")

At this point simulations are run sequentially, reports are generated, everything seems OK, but here I happen to observe very strange behavior - first launched simulation has a complete logs in STDOUT (output from io.gatling.core.stats.writer.ConsoleSummary object + output from StrictLogging trait’s logger), but any subsequent ones have only output from ConsoleSummary (progress bar, etc.).

I investigated this case a bit and found something suspicious in io.gatling.app.Gatling private method start():

} finally {
  val factory = LoggerFactory.getILoggerFactory
  try {
  } catch {
    case _: NoSuchMethodException => //Fail silently if a logging provider other than LogBack is used.
    case NonFatal(ex)             => logger.warn("Logback failed to shutdown.", ex)