Login and logout should execute only once during the load test

Hello All,

I have scenario where the login and logout should be executed only ONCE and rest of the steps should run for till end of the test duration.

Example: I have 4 requests in my scenario and I am running a test with 5 users for 10 mins.

Req1:Login => 5 request only
Req2: => Should be iterated/executed till end of the test duration
Req3: => Should be iterated/executed till end of the test duration
Req4:Logout => 5 request only



This question is very beginner level.
I really recommend that you first take some time to go through the official tutorials and the online training.

Hello @Vhrlrng

Please, be kind with our members and explain clearly what is your issue. (There is no question in your original post).

Be aware that Gatling community is not entitled to replace your own work.
You’ll have to provide what you tried and what you successfully did and what is the step you miss.

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