Logout during rampdown

I have 2 scripts and 1 master script

  1. Login, search, verification, 360page, logout (RecordedSimulation)

val scn = scenario(“RecordedSimulation”).exec(Login.login, Search.search, Verification.verification, 360Page.360page, Logout.logout)

  1. Login, search, verification, 360page, address change, logout (TCS)

val scn = scenario(“TCS”).exec(Login.login, Search.search, Verification.verification, 360Page.360page, AddressChange.addresschange,Logout.logout)

In the master script I am calling the above 2 scripts(for parallel execution)

class AllSimulation extends Simulation {


new RecordedSimulation().scn.inject(atOnceUsers(2)).protocols(new RecordedSimulation().httpProtocol)

new TCS().scn.inject(atOnceUsers(2)).protocols(new TCS().httpProtocol)



When I run this master script(20minute test), I want both the scripts to execute in parallel. I want 10 users to login in 5 minutes and execute search, verification, 360page and address change scenarios for 10 minutes. I don’t want any user to execute logout scenario(during this 10 minute steady state). In the last 5 minutes(ramp down), I want users to execute logout action in both the scripts. Any Thoughts on this?