Long running test..

I’ve been using a jdbcFeeder that pulls in User IDs from our database, the resulting list of Ids are then used in my simulation to make an http GET request like http://blah.com/id where id comes from the feeder. This all works great if I want to make a single pass through the list, however I’d like the test to run for a variable time length (10 minutes, 20, minutes, etc.) I’ve not been able to get my simulation to continue after the feeder has been exhausted. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated, my scenario is below.

Gatling 2

val load = scenario(“Request Sids”)
.during(5 minutes) {
.exec(http(“Account Service”)
.get("/accountservice/" + “${Sid}”)

setUp(load.inject(nothingFor(1 seconds),
ramp(50 users) over (1 seconds)))

If re-playing the data makes sense for your use case, just change strategy, circular for example:

Worked perfectly! Thank you for the quick response.

You’re welcome.
Have fun!