Looking to store requset URL & JSON Header Map in tsv feeder file - is this possible?

Greetings all,

I wound up pulling a few minutes worth of production data via tcpdump that I’ve cleaned up and extracted http requests via other utils into text files containing the get request and all associated client headers. Wound up with around 50k+ requests & associated headers, which should be enough diversity to test our API’s and get around caching.

My intent was to store the request url & associated headers in a json map that I build off each request, and then a general request name in a feeder file Unfortunately no matter what I do it seems that Gatling/Scala is interpreting the json header map stored in the feeder file as a string instead of as a map. I’m hoping I’m missing something simple such as a transform that needs to happen, but perhaps I need to rebuild the feeder file so that instead of holding a json map it simply holds the various header values I’d like to set on each request.

Any suggestions?

Using Gatling 2.1.x, and am currently pulling feeder file in as follows:

val requests = tsv(“requestdata.tsv”, rawSplit = true).random

Thanks in advance for any guidance or assistance provided!