Loops over a list?

As we currently know it is possible to get a list of results from the response and store it into the session.
( e.g. check(regex("/.*/").findAll.saveAs(“list”)))

But is it possible to loop over the result (a dynamic loop)?

For example get a list of IDs during setup phase and call a delete/get/etc request for each of them.

Regards Danny

repeat(session => session.getTypedAttribute[List[String]]("list").size,
"loopIndex") {

// use EL such as "${list(loopIndex)}"

Thx for the quick answer. May be you should think about extending the repeat() function for it :wink:

Regards Danny

I think we should consider extending the EL in order to support built in functions such as size().
With this, one could simply write repeat("${list.size()}").

Sounds great.
Until this feature is implemented I just define my own function for it :slight_smile: