Low level protocols (TCP\UDP)

Hello Gatling dev.Team.
Do you intend to support low level protocols such as TCP\UDP.

My load tool is Gatling 2.0.1 ,and all HTTP and Websocket use cases I successfully implemented with Gatling ,
but now We requested to check TCP \ UDP flows.

My supervisor wants me to use JMETER TCP-plugin client if Gatling don’t supports this protocols.

Do you have some Ideas what can I do In order to keep using Gatling tool in my load laboratory ?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, we intend to have TCP and UDP support but haven’t planned anything yet.
The best way to have something happen faster is to sponsor the feature.

There’s a third party extension that targets TCP: https://github.com/myroslavlisniak/gatling-tcp-extensions



Thank you Stéphane .I’ll check it.