LSOF constantly increasing


how come the lsof number during a test run doesn’t eventually stop increasing?

My test executes a scenario like this:

…inject(constantRate(300) during(120 seconds)))…

I am using 2.0.0-M3a.

So while the above test runs, I execute “lsof | grep ‘java’ | awk ‘{print $NF}’ | sort | wc -l” and my list of open files doesn’t stop increasing. Should it?

In the beginning I was running into the failure of “Too many open files”, so I increased my “ulimit” and I don’t see the error anymore.

Now I am running into “ Cannot assign requested address”. I found one thread on this, but didn’t really see a solution, besides running from multiple machines. I don’t think it’s a ulimit issue and as in the other thread suggested its most likely some OS limit that I need to increase, but I haven’t found yet which one that would be. Anybody have an update on this?



By default, Gatling tries to mimic browsers, which means that every virtual user has its own connection pool.
Also, connections are currently not automatically closed when a virtual user reaches the end of the scenario: they get closed either by the server, or by Gatling when the idle timeout is reached or the simulation ends.