Make the report generation lighter?


My simulation log is 38.5MBs, I had to increase the java heap space to 8GB from 1GB to generate the reports.
The report generation constantly uses 7,83GB memory. It’s at 9,5GB report size already and still not finished and running for hours now.
Looks like it’s stuck somehow at ~9GB. It was fast until 6-8GBs.
Could this be made somehow faster or make the report files lighter?

Thank you,

This looks really weird.
Obviously, providing your simulation.log file so we can reproduce would help.

Dear Stéphane,

I uploaded it to google drive:

Thank you

  1. március 26., vasárnap 21:11:42 UTC+2 időpontban Stéphane Landelle a következőt írta:

You have hundreds of thousands of different request names. There’s nothing we can do with such use case.
Try to figure out why you have some many different request names (resources?, dynamic request names?) and try to reduce those.

Dear Stéphane,

Thank you for the quick help. It’s because of the dynamic request names. I’ll try to reduce them.


  1. március 27., hétfő 10:06:53 UTC+2 időpontban Stéphane Landelle a következőt írta: