measurement of the connection time

Hi, I am new to gatling, i am trying to troubleshoot a performance problem and was wondering if gatling can capture/provide and of these infromation?

1- The time to connect to SSL from request start
2- Time when first detecting response data on the wire from request start
3- Total time for request
4- The unique correlation id for the request (sent in the Correlation_id header for each request)

This will enable measurement of the connection time, the time to get a request transmitted and processed and show any data transmission issues on the return data sent back from the API.


FrontLine has both TCP connect duration and TLS handshake duration.

Hi, we are evaluation Gatling as a replacement for JMeter.

While JMeter records both latency and connect time, from Gatling documentation what I see is that response time doesn’t include the TCP connection time.

Also so far I couldn’t figure out a way to get Gatling to record the connect time. Connect time is a valuable component in real life, specially when the system is under load and connection time goes high.

From above reply from Stéphane seems like if we want to record the connection time as well, it is a feature which is only available in the enterprise version of Gatling. Am I correct in assuming that ?

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That’s exactly what I explained.