Measuring throughput


I am a newbie to Gatling world and currently using it for performing load testing on set of REST APIs

I am trying to do load testing using below snippet

rampUsersPerSec(0) to 100 during(300 seconds),
constantUsersPerSec(100) during(20 minutes),
rampUsersPerSec(100) to 0 during(300 seconds)

).maxDuration(35 minutes)

Every time I run above script for the same scenario, count of request and Request per sec is same irrespective of differences in response time readings. What I am looking for is - changes in code that should be done to have count of request and request per second different depending on response time ?

Please check in scenario, do you have .forever{ or .repeat{. This condition will controls number of requests irrespective of response time and failures.