Microservice Test design best practices in Gatling

Hi All,

I am planning to start microservice architecture testing soon. Nearly 400+ apis ,70 + jms mq /amqp
150 SOAP request etc…

SWAGER is used for API design

need to develop all scripts from scratch
wish to know
1- any easy way to import swagger definition file ( json/yaml) in Gatling?
any option to design aoap request by importing wsdl ?

  1. any way to reuse postman/sopaui project . i know proxy mode recording is one option. looking for more easier approach?

  2. get /post request of type forms, text ,json, binary , MULTIPART FORMDAT etc… any cheat sheet or guidelines how to manually design/code request of each such type?

  3. few API request/response are both are encoded using custom logic , java code for same available . how to plugin same in my Gatling script for encoding of request body & decoding of response body. correlate some meaningful tokens ?

Thanks & Regards,