Modelling concurrent requests

As below image shows we have 3 set of requests that happens one after other.
i.e, not all of the are concurrent and not all of them are sequentials. it is mix of sequential and concurrent set of request

I am trying to model this transaction as below

				ChainBuilder ticketView = exec(http("BaseUrl").get("/").headers(headers_0)
						.resources(runtime_main_de5c7c76_js, f2_07ae3254_chunk_css, main_4f1b4200_chunk_js,f2_67e0b244_chunk_js)

but unfortunately except BaseUrl request rest are concurrent in the scenario

. is there any way to model same as ui is sending request to backend?

No. Also, I recommend that you don’t include static resources in your load test. Your performance issues are unlikely to be there, and those are best served by a cache or a CDN.

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still it is good to have feature. could not replicate UI behaviour .