MQTT protocol

Hi Gatling Dev .Team

I was asked to load MQTT flow .

I sow some correspondence in google groups since 2012 (!msg/gatling/aOuAb5bCK1Y/87AQZqZnDZQJ)

Have you advanced in process of developing this topic?

Thanks for advance.

No, nothing on the official side, and no third party I’m aware of.

It should be quite doable to fork the JMS support and use a Java client implementation, though.
Contributions welcome :slight_smile:


I created a library (still in alpha stage) to load MQTT flow because there seems to be no similar library as you said:

I will send a pull request to the Gatling repository if Gatling developers have an interest in this library.

2015年1月15日木曜日 0時13分17秒 UTC+9 Stéphane Landelle: