Multiple execs inside one polling?

Is this type of execution possible? I want to run 2 API calls inside one poller, every 10 seconds.

Will executing 2 pollers (one for each request) give me the same functionality?

val scn: ScenarioBuilder = scenario("This scenario")
      polling.pollerName("One poller")
          .every(10 seconds)

            .exec(http("Some request")

            .exec(http("Some OTHER request")

     .exec(polling.pollerName("One poller").stop)

Best way to know if it will work is to try it.

But I suggest you remove the call to .stop the poller, lest it stop before the first time it starts. Or insert some kind of loop, or pause, something to occupy the virtual user long enough for the polling to accomplish something.

No, it doesn’t work. Poller only accepts one single request.

Thank you, John and Stéphane.