Multiple Feeders in a scenario

I’m new to gatling and I couldn’t find information on how to use multiple feeders in a scenario. I want to do the following

val base = “http://localhost:8480/services

val data = csv(“biometrics_data.csv”).queue
val accessTokens = csv(“access_tokens_data.csv”).queue

val scn = scenario(“Test”)
.feed(accessTokens) //adding two feeders dosen’t work :frowning:

http(“Test all individuals of Biometrics”)
.get(base+ “/v1/biometrics/${data}?access_token=${token}”)

Where ${token} comes from the feeder AccessTokens and ${data comes from data. Is there a way to do this i found no examples of doing so. Thanks

The feeders work perfectly fine. The problem is your request:

You should be writing:
.get(base+ "/v1/biometrics/${data})
.queryParam("access_token", "${token}")