multiple gatling simulations


With the Gatling 2.0.0-RC1

In the Gatling documentation General Concepts

We have a section :

Here is an example of simulation definition:

val stdUser = scenario(“Standard User”)…
val admUser = scenario(“Admin User”)…
val advUser = scenario(“Advanced User”)…

admUser.inject(nothingFor(60 seconds), rampUsers(5) over (400 seconds)),
advUser.inject(rampUsers(500) over (200 seconds))


In the FAQ of Gatling Web Site

We have the question/answer

Can Gatling launch several simulations sequentially?
It was possible in old versions, but it caused tons of problems, so we removed this feature.


with the Gatling 2.0.0-RC1, can we run simulations like the feature that exists In the Gatling documentation General Concepts ?

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Hi Viet Minh,

What you’re doing here is launching several scenarios, and scenarios won’t be launched sequentially, they’ll all start when the simulation starts.
Of course, you can delay some scenarios using nothingFor(…) to make sure they won’t start at the exact same time.

However, all is not lost, there is a way to start Gatling simulations sequentially.
Gatling’s SBT plugin ( is able to find all the simulations defined in a SBT project’s test sources and, using the “gatling:test” command, will run all those simulations sequentially.



Hi Pierre

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Is there such a command for Maven as well?

There’s an option for running all the available simulations (see GatlingMojo) but just like sbt, they will run sequentially, not concurrently.

Would a workaround for running sequentially not be to define unique simulations including the main one and run them using a shell script starting gatling “non interactively”?