Need Help with Load Testing Strategy for E-commerce Website

Hey Gatling Community,

I’m currently working on an e-commerce website project and we’re diving into load testing to ensure it can handle heavy traffic without crashing.

We’ve got Gatling and some basics down, but we’re not sure how to set up our tests effectively. How many virtual users should we use? What scenarios should we simulate? And how do we make sense of the results?
I also check this : But I have not found any solution.
Thanks in advance!

Mia Smith

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Hello Mia,

Glad to hear you’re getting started. We’ve got a few resources we can help you with what you need.

First, I would check out the Gatling Academy, it has a few modules to help you get started and even has a full module dedicated to load testing an e-commerce website.

In terms of what types of tests you should run and user injection model, I would say a capacity test (determine your sites maximum capacity), and a stress test are crucial but it really depends on what you want to know. Here’s a great article about understanding the Gatling reports to get you started: My first Gatling Test Report | Gatling Blog

Good luck and hope it works out.


Getting down to test planning, you can check with your developer their expected number of concurrent users, or the RPS of the APIs in real production, but if you don’t have, you can try to slowly increase your User load until the point system starting to break. There is a Gatling EL for that.
RPS is the parameter we are talking about, User load is important too, because it affects directly to RPS. Also, time between requests also affect the RPS.
For scenario aspect, it is vary so I cannot say for sure in your system. Try to do at least a simple load case following:
Have fun in performance testing

Thanks for these insights mate as I found it very much useful and informative.

Thanks for sharing . Very helpful.