Need Information of handling RawFilebody

I have script as below

object GlobalLogin {
val globallogin =group(“Global Login”){feed(loginUserFeeder)
.formParam(“j_username”, “${UserName}”)
.formParam(“j_password”, “password”)
.check(css(“input[id=‘csrfToken’]”, “value”).find.saveAs(“CSRFTOKEN”))
.check(css(“input[id=‘csrfParam’]”, “value”).find.saveAs(“CSRFPARAM”))
.get(uri1 + “/adminHome.vw?csrfToken=${CSRFTOKEN}&csrfParam=${CSRFPARAM}”)
.get(uri1 + “/blankPage.vw?csrfToken=${CSRFTOKEN}&csrfParam=${CSRFPARAM}”)
.post(uri1 + “/ajax/getAdminToolsMenu”)

So if open “MasterDataManagement161_0003_request.txt” from bodies folder i see below thing.

“data”: {},
“info”: {}

when i record a scenario from gatling, for a adding record to module, some 20 files of same type generated.

1.How to handle this?
2.Do we really require these files?

Think if i want to run same scenarios in my remote server, along with scripts, i need to copy body file also ,else some request will fail? do we really require this?

Please help me on this