Nested randomSwitch?

Hi guys, anyone tried to do a nested random switch?

I am simulating a scenario which requires nested chance distribution, the scenario looks like this:

def scenarioBuilder: ScenarioBuilder = scenario(getClass.getSimpleName)
  .forever {
      0.5 -> randomSwitch(
        0.5 -> exec(http("ActionA1-25%").get("/")),
        0.5 -> exec(http("ActionA2-25%").get("/"))
      0.5 -> exec(http("ActionB-50%").get("/"))

Thus I expected the results to be converging at 50% ActionB and 25% ActionA1 and ActionA2.

However in results ActionB gets some 99% requests and ActionA1 and ActionA2 only a few requests every now and then.

Is this even supported functionality?


ratios are to be expressed in percents.

Thanks Stephane, I overlooked it and in older versions (2.3) randomswitch distributed correctly even in the decimal notation.
The test works well now. I also migrated to Gatling 3.0.0-RC3 and it works much faster than the older version (think 2.5x).