⚙️ New Gatling Private Locations x Kubernetes support!

Dear Gatling Community members,

We’re thrilled to announce that Gatling Enterprise Private Locations now support Kubernetes.

Available since November, 2022, Private Locations is a feature that lets you bring your own load generators to Gatling Enterprise Cloud. This way, you can generate load from within your private infrastructure and test applications that are not exposed to the internet and cannot be reached from our standard Public Locations.

Up until now, we were only supporting AWS EC2 virtual machines.

With this upgrade you can now also deploy your load generators as Docker containers into your Kubernetes clusters.

Our solution is compatible with AWS EKS, Azure AKS, Google Cloud Platform GKE, Red Hat Openshift and self-hosted Kubernetes.

1- Install the Control Plane: Gatling Enterprise Cloud - Deploying a Control Plane on Kubernetes

2- Configure the Control Plane to spawn load generators in your k8s cluster: Gatling Enterprise Cloud - Configuring Kubernetes Locations

The Private Location feature is only available for Gatling Enterprise Corporate Users. You can contact our sales team for a free trial.

Still got questions?

The documentation is the place to be if you need answers and details to work with Gatling Enterprise smoothly.

If you can’t find your answers in the documentation or want to discuss this new plugin, feel free to ask about it here, on the Gatling Community!