Not able to send metrics from 'Gatling Frontline' (Which is installed as an instance on AWS) to InfluxDB Cloud v1.11

Hi All,

I want to send data from Gatling Frontline (Which is installed as an instance on AWS) to influxDB then move those data to Grafana Cloud.

So for doing this, we tried the below listed approaches-

  1. Added telegraf agent in influxDB and also able to create database <XYZ.autogen> in influxDB cloud.
  2. We already added plugins in telegraf.conf file - [[inputs.exec]], [[output.influxDB]]
  3. In output.influxDB plugin we modified URL and also updated username and password.
  4. When we run our simulation from frontline dashboard then we got reports in frontline but not seeing any entries for metrics in influx DB cloud.

Can anyone please help me out to resolve my query?

Gaurav Srivastava

Are you able to ping AWS to influxdb instance . Are firewall rules opened?

Hi Dikshit,

I can see ping result of Gatling Frontline on AWS.
But i think there is some issue related to either frontline.configuration file or telegraph.configuration(input plugins).

Note: i can able to create database in influxDB cloud through telegraf so it is working fine for output plugin. but i still not able to get data from Gatling Frontline to InfluxDB cloud.