Not possible to add a cookie

Hi guys,

I’ve a simulation where I manually add a cookie but this seems to be broken with version 2.1.6 (I’ve double checked that with 2.1.5 and everything works fine).


Java: java version “1.8.0_45”,
Gatling: 2.1.6

Hi Niko,

Could you elaborate, please? Is it a runtime issue, or a compile one? Do you have a reproducer? What does your cookie look like?


Hi Stéphane,

sorry forgot to add more details :slight_smile:

I think this part is broken or just don’t work for me:


.exec(addCookie(Cookie(“foo”, “bar”)))


and from what I see in the logs is that the cookie is not added to the request. Cookie foo=bar is only added in gatling version 2.1.5


Gatling 2.1.5

Session(Dummy,1707552068789190625-0,Map(gatling.http.cookies → CookieJar(Map(CookieKey(foo,,/) → StoredCookie(foo=bar; domain=; path=/,false,false,1432819926342))), password → secret, OX_SESSION → 7174a879cf16425796555462fc90f53f),1432819926113,101,OK,List(GroupBlock(List(Module Login),1432819926342,5,1,0)),)

Fixed, thanks for reporting, Niko!