nothingFor and closed workload model

Hi all. Recently I encountered a strange gatling behavior. I wanted to inject the following population:
scenario.inject(nothingFor(DELAY seconds),
.eachLevelLasting(EACH_LEVEL_LASTING seconds)
.separatedByRampsLasting(SEPARATED_BY_RAMPS_LASTING seconds)
But compilation had failed.
The error:

Error:(118, 14) could not find implicit value for evidence parameter of type io.gatling.core.controller.inject.InjectionProfileFactory[Product with Serializable]
.inject(nothingFor(DELAY seconds),

Error:(118, 14) not enough arguments for method inject: (implicit evidence$1: io.gatling.core.controller.inject.InjectionProfileFactory[Product with Serializable])io.gatling.core.structure.PopulationBuilder.
Unspecified value parameter evidence$1.
.inject(nothingFor(DELAY seconds),

Is it expected behavior? And if “yes” - why? Why it’s impossible to use nothingFor closed workload model?
Checked on 3.3.1 and 3.4.0 versions.
Thanks in advance for your answers.

That’s expected. As explained in the documentation, nothingFor belongs to the open workload model DSL and you can’t mix open and closed models.

Try using constantConcurrentUsers(0).during(DELAY) instead.

Thanks. Got it.

среда, 20 января 2021 г. в 14:27:35 UTC+2, Stéphane Landelle: