org.springframework.http.converter.HttpMessageNotReadableException: JSON parse error: Unexpected end-of-input in VALUE_STRING

Hi Gatling Group

Wanted to ask about how you are meant to pass values in a .json file to a gatling feeder successfully (v 3.0.0)? I’m getting a JSON parse error right now and I suspect it’s because its cutting off the first json element called “data”.

Here is my code:

val partyEventRequestName = "PartyEvent-Request"
val partyEventFeeder = jsonFile("fem/data/partyevents.json").circular
val partyEventScenarioBuilder = scenario("PartyEvent-Scenario").during(InputValues.runDurationSeconds seconds) {

//          .body(StringBody("""{"data":{"type":"partyEvent","attributes":{"gcisPartyId":null,"actionSuccessful":true,"actionErrors":null,"partyAttributes":{"actionType":"Authenticate"}}}}"""))
          .header("X-REQUEST-ID", "GATLING-" + randomUUID().toString)

Here is my partyevents.json file (with just one entry in there for now, although I’d like to add more):

    "data": {
      "type": "partyEvent",
      "attributes": {
        "gcisPartyId": null,
        "actionSuccessful": true,
        "actionErrors": null,
        "partyAttributes": {
          "actionType": "Authenticate"

The gatling debug output shows:

(v 3.0.0)?


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Yes version 3