Hi All,

I am just a beginner and started using Gatling recently. This is my scala file. My requirement is after each hit/request there should be a pacing of 3 seconds. Can one help me how and where to implement it in the below listed scala file.

class CreditSimulation extends Simulation {
val apis = karateProtocol( )
apis.nameResolver = (req, ctx) => req.getHeader(“karate-name”)

val RCustomer = scenario(“DebtBalance”).forever(){ feed(csv(“data/DebtBalance.csv”).batch.circular) .exec(karateFeature(PathFinder.getPath(“credit/DebtBalance.feature”)))}

setUp(RCustomer.inject(rampUsers(5) during(10 seconds)).protocols(apis)) .maxDuration(duration = 20 seconds) .assertions(

Hi and welcome!

Have you checked the documentation?

I think pause and pace may help in your case.