pass the value from CSV and iterate the json array 25 or 50 times

I am new to Gatling, I looked at many examples all says capturing the response from json . But my request is to post . one user logs in and post 20 request at one shot.
my json looks like this

“leader_availability_status”: “Approved”,
“total_voluntary_availability_requests”: 25,
“voluntary_availability_request”: [
“last_updated_timestamp”: “2019-05-07 15:54:00”,
“status_change”: “2019-05-07 15:54:00”,
“status_timestamp”: “2019-05-07 15:54:00”,
“voluntary_availability_request_id”: XXXXX,
“voluntary_request_status”: “Submitted”

for 1 user i want to iterate this json array 25 times. could u pls help me on this.


Have a look at the documentation for ‘.repeat’ - it allows you to execute a request a specified number of times

As you told repeat is the right one to be used. I used it and it worked . Thank you