Passing name of SCN to run in simulation

Hi Team

I would like to know if there is a way , to passe as JVM parameter a name of scn to run in setup

For example if in my Simulation i have scn01 to scn05 and i want to run a setup like below but depending of a situation i need to change wich scenario to run before another

      SCN**XX**.inject( atOnceUsers(10))
				 .andThen( SCN**YY**.inject(atOnceUsers(1)

i tried using : val SCNXX= System.getProperty(“myscenario”) , where i will pass -D= but Gatling doest not like it

Thanks in advance

It’s a matter of programming language. In Scala/Java/Kotlin, the String name of a variable is not the variable itself.

val scenario1 = ???
val scenario2 = ???

val scenarioName = System.getProperty("myscenario")
val scenario = scenarioName match {
  case "scenario1" => scenario1
  case "scenario2" => scenario2

      scenario.inject( atOnceUsers(10))
				 .andThen( SCN**YY**.inject(atOnceUsers(1)

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