Passing variable checks into a post

I would like to have the ability to pass in checks to a method that makes a gatling post. I am having some issue doing so. I tried using a few different types on the checks but had no luck. I would like to something like the below on a “page” object that would be used elsewhere in the app. I think I briefly saw there are other types of checks beyond status based checks. I would like the method to be flexible enough to handle such things if possible.

protected val commonChecks = Seq(status.not(404),status.not(503))
def login(checks:HttpCheck = commonChecks) = {
  exec(http("post login")
    .formParam("login", "${userName}")
    .formParam("password", "${password}")

val commonChecks: Seq[io.gatling.http.check.HttpCheck] = Seq(status.not(404),status.not(503))

That did the trick. Thanks