Pause and throttling

I’m on version 2.1.4

I want to know if there is a way to add pauses when I’m doing throttling.

I understand why pauses are disabled when throttling is enabled - but in my use case, I need to pause my loop between each iteration. Without pauses the busy looping causes 100% CPU usage.

What I’m trying to achieve is making a request every 5 second, for a duration of 20 seconds.


Have you tried forcing the pause:

Sorry what do you mean by forcing the pause? How do you do that?

I have “exec(pause(5 seconds))” in my loop, but it does nothing if I have throttling enabled for my scenario.

Brian :

All those methods also have an optional force parameter that overrides the pause type defined in the set up. Possible values are thesame ones than for global definition.”