Possible regression - http requests without explicit headers are ignored

Hi, not sure if this kind of vague report is helpful or not, but:

We just noticed in a SNAPSHOT (downloaded from
https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots/io/gatling/gatling-charts/2.0.0-SNAPSHOT/ at around 2230 UTC+1 on 11 August) the following:

a request like this will be honoured by gatling:


But one like this will not:


This bug is NOT present in 2.0.0-RC2.

What do you mean by “not honoured” ?
On August 11th, there has been no commit impacting Gatling’s code at all, only documentation fixes.
This looks quite strange.
Could you elaborate ?

The request without the headers call is never run, or if it is…it doesn’t get reported on.

We were using SNAPSHOTs until 12 August, when we switched to RC2, so it might not be from 12 August directly.

I’ll investigate then :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I can’t reproduce on my side: I’m using a snapshot built locally and have a simulation with no header set anywhere, except those computed automatically by Gatling and all request are executed, as expected.

Could you provide your simulation so that I can investigate further ?

Do you have both requests in the same scenario, hitting the same URL ?
It could be that the second request doesn’t show simply because Gatling cached the first.