post all data from feed during one scenario

Hi, I have a feed which has 10 records. i want to write a scenario, which sends each record from feed one by one with 5 seconds pause
Here is my code:

val scn = scenario(name)
    .feed(generateFeeder(userId, shopId, limit))
      http("Setting up data for test")
        .param("d", "${d}")

generateFeeder(userId, shopId, limit)

generates synthetic data for a test

scenario runs ones and send one POST. I would like to send 10 POSTs during scenario one by one with 5 seconds pause between.
How Can I do it?

I’ve tried this solution:!searchin/gatling/feed$20loop$20over$20all$20records/gatling/9ssx0nZy9TA/edV7JP_nwRsJ

with “repeat” statement,

val comScn = scenario(“My scenario”)

.repeat(systemsIdentifier.records.size / nbUsers) {

but i get compilation error:

Simulation.scala:22: not found: value feed
18:54:18.465 [main][ERROR][ZincCompiler.scala:98] i.g.a.ZincCompiler$ - feed(generateFeeder(userId, shopId, limit))
18:54:18.465 [main][ERROR][ZincCompiler.scala:98] i.g.a.ZincCompiler$ - ^
18:54:19.539 [main][ERROR][ZincCompiler.scala:98] i.g.a.ZincCompiler$ - one error found
Exception in thread “main” Compilation failed

I did it this way:

import io.gatling.core.Predef._
import io.gatling.http.Predef._
import bootstrap._
val historyScenario = scenario(name)
  .feed(generateFeeder(userId, shopId, limit).queue)
      http("Setting up data for test")
        .param(visitParam, "${visit}")

i had to import

import bootstrap._

is this approach OK? Is it gatling-style?