Problem to dev in eclipse with sbt on latest release


I use eclipse to dev on gatling. On the previous master (like one month ago) I got no problem to compile in eclipse using sbt eclipse plugin.
With the latest master (2.2.0 just released), objects from new common project seems not correctly imported in core and http projects. Eclipse cannot compile the code since it cannot find io.gatling.commons.validation package for example.

I am very unexperimented with sbt, so I may miss a point, but I thought sbt clean publishLocal eclipse should correct the problem, but it doesn’t.

Do someone else get problems to build gatling in dev environment ?
Which IDE do you use ?

Thanks for your help.

You maybe have a corrupted jar in your ivy cache. Try removing it to re-trigger download.
Does the project compiles fine for sbt command line? Is your issue just the eclipse project import?

I just downloaded and imported under eclipse the gatling-sbt-plugin-demo project and it works just fine.

I cleared the cache and republished the master with sbt.
On sbt side all is ok, all tests are good.
But in eclipse some problems appears. It seems that the classpath is not properly configured but I cannot figure how.

For example:
not found type: Failure
Session is not a member of package io.gatling.core.session

The problems is probably in sbt eclipse
It’s not only related with external dependencies, cause Session is in core and eclipse detect a compil problem in core classes.

Have you tried changing sbteclipse-plugin version? I’m still using 3.0.0.

Ok, I found the problem.

I used a JRE instead of a JDK for java 8.
Not used to scala libraries problems :D.

With Java, you don’t need a JDK for eclipse as it uses its own compiler, ECJ.
But Scala needs javac, I guess because of mixed Scala/Java projects (wild guess), hence JDK, not JRE, as we require.
Then, the error you got in eclipse is very weird…