Problem with response times

I have a problem with response times,
1/when I run a scenario from my local machine I have a response time = 4.7 s
2/when I run the same scenario from an EC2 machine the response time = 0.7s


**Can someone explain to me this difference in response time?

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t use your desktop or laptop to run actual load tests, only for crafting the tests: poor CPU, poor network interface, poor network between your machine and the SUT, antivirus, etc.

Thank you Stéphane for your response.

But the problem that also when trying to launch the scenrio via GUI, when I click on inspect to see the response time it showed me 11.08 s

and the result with gatling from EC2 instance by simulation 1 Virtual User to execute the same request, the respose time = 0.7s

Why this large difference?

What if you make the same request using other tools like curl? Do you observe similar response time?