Problems with websockets tests after upgrading to 3.0-RC2


I just tried to upgrade to the current RC-2 and I am currently facing two problems with websockets - maybe someone can give me some hints:

1: - websocket check keeps “hanging” in active request (in 2.3 I used until(1) on the wsAwait.within check):

import io.gatling.core.Predef._
import io.gatling.core.structure.ScenarioBuilder
import io.gatling.http.Predef._
import io.gatling.http.protocol.HttpProtocolBuilder
import scala.concurrent.duration._

class WebsocketEchoSimulation extends Simulation {

  val httpConf: HttpProtocolBuilder = http

  val scn: ScenarioBuilder = scenario("WebSocket")
    .exec(ws("Connect WS").connect(""))
    .pause(1 second)
    .repeat(1, "i") {
        ws("Say Hello WS")
        .await(1 second)(
      .pause(1 second)
    .exec(ws("Close WS").close)



The simulation keeps running after I close the websocket


08:08:47.509 [] DEBUG - Check sequences completed successfully
08:08:47.509 [] DEBUG io.gatling.core.action.Pause - Pausing for 1000ms (real=989ms)

A bug indeed, thanks a lo for reporting!