Provided keystore and what to put in the fields outgoing proxy

I have a PKCS#12 certificate and a password that works fine if I put it into the gatling.conf like this

  keyStore {
    type = "pkcs12"      # Type of SSLContext's KeyManagers store
    file = "./cert_test.p12"      # Location of SSLContext's KeyManagers store
    password = "pws"  # Password for SSLContext's KeyManagers store
    #algorithm = "" # Algorithm used SSLContext's KeyManagers store

and manually write some .exec’s. Repaly works well

However I want to use the recorder. I browse the certificate int the first wizard window of the recorder and choose PKCS#12, a correct password and the certificate (which I have placed in the workspace I record my scenario from).

Do I need to fill inn the fields of “outgoing proxy”? to make this work? I does not work (the browser just spins when trying to reach the URL (I have put the browser to go through the proxy).

Any ideas?