publish and subscribe problems: jeanadrien/gatling-mqtt-protocol - GATLING WITH MQTT


I asked the following question on stackoverflow:

Does somebody has any idea??

It looks like this plugin only supports byte array payloads, while you’re trying to send a String. Encode your String into bytes then.

Note that we’ve started working on MQTT support. Not sure if we’ll open-source it or keep it in FrontLine though.

Thanks, I fixed the problem.

I think the plugin also does not support a disconnect function. So if I start my gatling script how can I disconnect!?

Additionally I miss some checks for the result payload like the checks with regex for websockets.

When do you offer the MQTT support?

We already have a first milestone available for our FrontLine customers (as I said, we don’t have plans for open sourcing it atm).
It has automatic disconnect on virtual user termination and jsonPath, regex and other checks just like HTTP support.
Please get in touch at if you’re interested in giving FrontLine a try.