Redirect and Reports

Hi !

Just a little question :
is there a way to “merge” the statistics from a request and it’s redirect in the report?
For example, instead of having “home / home Redirect 1” in two different pages,
I’d like to have only one page with the statistics of the home+home Redirect.

The difference between one request and its redirect is great for a technical guy,
but my customer / end user is more interested in the time between two displayed pages. ^^"

Is there an option hidden somewhere for that, or an easy way to achieve that?

Thanks in advance for any reply,


Hi Josselin,

The only feature I can think about is Request Grouping.

They’ll be released with the 1.4.0 version of Gatling, although it seems they are already implemented :


Note that you could deactivate redirect forwarding and name both requests the same, but it would be cumbersome to do so :slight_smile:

Hi Romain,

Thanks for the quick reply!

I didn’t know about request grouping ; I’ll give it a try, that will at least help me tidy my reports a little bit. =)

but it would be cumbersome to do so :slight_smile:
Cumbersome is an understatement, especially since in my cases I can’t easily guess the redirect url!

Thanks again,