Redirect Fails for GraphQL Requests

I am new to Gatling and started trying a new packaging model, split the requests, scenarios and simulations to different packages.
I started having ‘redirect’ errors since then for the graphQL requests.

I appreciate any help I can get regarding the cause of these 'KO’s and how I can fix them…

Here how my Simulations class looks like

package simulation

import io.gatling.core.Predef._
import scala.concurrent.duration._
import io.gatling.core
import config.Utils._
import test.scala.config._
import root.scenario.BookingManagerScenarios

class BookingManagerSimulations extends Simulation {


Scenario for this one is here:

val scnBookingManagerBooked = scenario(“Booking manager Navigation all tabs”)

Finally, here is the graphQL request:

val bookedBookings = exec(
http(“Booked Bookings”)

Thank you,

I figured out the problem.
In case there are newbies like me.
The problem was with the baseUrl
in the constants I had http instead of https.
Once I changed the constant, my protocol stopped being a problem.