Regarding Recording a Websocket API in Gatling

Hello All,

I have an API that uses websocket, it also has to pass file after opening the socket, is there a way to record it in gatling, i don’t have any client, i can’t use browsers, soupUI or Insomnia …

any kind of suggestion is really appreciated.

I also tried to write the scenario by my self but i have no idea what headers to pass.

This what i have tried:

val webSocketProtocol = http

setUp(ServiceScenario.ServiceScn.inject(constantUsersPerSec(qps) during(duration) randomized).protocols(webSocketProtocol))

var files = returnFile.listOfFileStreams("src/test/resources/bodies").circular
val ServiceScn = scenario("Service")



Who calls the service?

If you can’t record or get a trace somehow then probably quickest to have a conversation with your devs?