regex is not working

Below is the sample response string:


I need value of this CallbackHandlerPath which are multiple in response.

I am trying like this

.get(uri10 + "/CIQDotNet/my/dashboard.aspx")
// .disableFollowRedirect
  .check(regex(""" "CallbackHandlerPath":([^:]*),""").findAll.saveAs("CallbackHandlerPathList")))
.foreach("${CallbackHandlerPathList}", "handler") {
 exec(session => {
  val playerMap = session("handler")
 // val playerId = playerMap("playerId")


But still getting an error  regex( "CallbackHandlerPath\":(.*), ).find(0).exists, found no      1 (16.67%)

I checked the response of the call which is correct... Please suggest what am I doing wrong ..