regex question

Following is a line from one of the sample scripts given with Gatling 1.5.6 installation.

Here, “number” is name of class or it is an escaped string?

CSS class name obviously

On my application’s homepage I have following UI element:


I am checking it with following check statement, but it is failing. Could you please help?

Is GeoScienceWorld the exact HTML you get from an HTTP response, or it is something you capture from the DOM, this DOM being actually computed with javascript?

I am viewing ‘Firepath’ tab in firebug. This string is html code of the page.

Yeah, exactly what I meant: you’re getting this from the generate DOM, not the actual HTTP traffic, so it has been re-formatted + javascript might have edited it.

Firebug traffic/whatever tab!

Ok. I just tried with a string from HTML response, and it worked. Thanks for the help.